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Q&A with Lynne!

Why did you want to own your own business?

A: Owning your own business means the opportunity to create your own work/life balance. I love the concept of taking on the risk and reaping all the rewards as well. lmade myself an instant CEO-it’s a great opportunity to not work for anyone else!

Q: Why did you want to open your own Monkee’s?

A: It was a lifelong dream to own a boutique. I fell in love with Monkee’s as a customer, after visiting the Wilmington store. I was convinced that Richmond needed a fun,friendly, girly boutique. The long hours I invest in growing the business doesn’t feel like work because I actually have fun doing what I love. And a very special bonus is working with my daughter everyday. It’s really a blessing and I’m so grateful she left the corporate world to join me.

Q: What sets your boutique apart from others?

A: I’m 100% certain that what sets my store apart from other boutiques in our area is the staff. I’ve surrounded myself with positive people who give me the confidence and optimism you need to keep moving forward in the stressful world of retail. We are all friendly and genuinely care about our customers. We truly want them to look their best! We offer complimentary styling services to our customers by appointment or on a drop in basis.
 If you hang around Monkee’s for any length of time, you’ll realize we have fun: really too much fun at times. I like to say everyday at Monkee’s is like being on a Bravo show! Our girls and guys love life.